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Who Are We?

A broad smile is not an absentminded act, but it is, in itself, a natural expression that denotes friendship, commands respect and even proclaims victory. Laya, a reflection of our smile and strength. Bringing happiness with its aroma and virtue. It is a careful craftsmanship, with the presence of an immaculate conquest.
Without emerging, it shines, without vainglory, Excels. LAYA, the reflection of our smile and our strength”.


With our love for the spirit and essence of Mexican culture, we decided to bring the finest form of tequila for the world, with the face of Laya. Produced in the Jaliscan Highlands, using the finest of the 8 years aged “Agave Tequilana”. Each drop is a compliment and its flavor, full of glory.


LAYA joined the global beverage market with the mission to take a very important aspect of

Mexico's cultural essence and put it in front of the world in the form of its premium tequila.


Provide our customers with the most carefully crafted products for a varied range of goods in order to become one of the most influential key players within the global market.


We adhere to a moral code of ethics that we believe will maintain our standards to build an internalized framework that is shared and acted upon leadership.


Carr. Tototlan - Tepa km. 8.3 

Localidad de San Agustin, Tototlan

Jalisco, Mexico - 4773